Raschelle (morbidpink) wrote in x_marilynmonroe,

Credit if you use.

Also, I was wondering if anyone wants to be the maintainer of this community? I don't have the time for this one any more. If interested, comment. Thanks! <33
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very rad. ^_^
amazing Icons!

....I'd love to be the maintainer. You can email me anything I need to know if you decide to let me maintain this community {goodnight_love@yahoo.com}

<3 Thanks!
Well, actually you don't need to know anything really! I'll just make you the maintainer... and then you can change all the rules in the info and everything else you want to your own (or you can keep 'em, whatever suits you the best)
... If you still use those graphics though just credit me..
Also, just go to
manage>communities> and it'll show you how many people have requested to be members. You can either approve or disapprove.
Anyways have fun! ;)