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Miss Monroe...... Community for the beloved actress

hollywood's classic beauty

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This community is all about the late beauty, Marilyn Monroe. Members can post pictures, Icons & graphics, news, poems, quotes, thoughts, etc.. Anything involving Miss Monroe. Occassional contests and challenges will also be held...


(note: I hate rules as much as the next girl.. but these simple 6 ones are necessary, so I ask that you please overlook them quickly! thank you, &hearts)
1.)All pictures (including graphics, icons, etc) behind the LJ-cut. If you don't know how, please ask or see the LJ FAQ.
2.)If you use an icon or graphic made by any member of the community, please credit them... And upload everything to your own serve please and thank you. ♥
3.)Use proper english and DO NOT type tHiS wAy At AlL BiAtCh!
4.)No drama. NONE. Not in the comments, not in the posts, not in other member's personal journals. It will not be tolerated. You will be immediately removed from this community.
6.)As of right now, you don't have to post friends only. I don't see it necessary at the time being. However, if problems arise, this may have to be enforced.
I'd hate to have to ban anyone, but if you cause problems.. well, you won't leave me much of a choice! All I ask is that you respect the rules and other members...


Why did you make another community for Marilyn Monroe..?
Simply because I wanted to. I wanted a special place for fans who absolutely ADORE her. If you don't like it, don't join. It's here and it's not going anywhere, so please have the respect to not ask me any related questions. There need not be any reasons anyways.
I don't like the community. What can I do?
Leave, not post in here, but other than that?! Not a damn thing so don't waste your time. Sorry!


Just to let you know, the community is closed- meaning the maintainer must approve your membership when you join. Not to worry, most everyone will be approved... especially if they have marilyn monroe listed as an interest Reason for this is so no one abuses the community.


Affiliates//Sister communities
An active community dedicated to classic actresses in 20s-60s.

(If interested in becoming affiliates, comment here with details, thank you)